Channels Available on Satellite in Dublin


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A friend of mine has had sky satellite for years, they have been messing him around making him wait for his sky plus box. So he is thinking of looking into alternatives.

So what i want to know is if he gets rid of his sky sub, what channels are available to him with his sat dish and maybe an Itgate TGM220 with a sat tuner?

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not a lot open now only thing good is digi on thor 1deg west wit a 1m dish
sport movies and porn but they are goin to nag3 soon so not advisable
to spend hard earned cash on a sat setup right now
wait for a while to see if n3 hack will be made public
cos it will happen on sat first id say


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Have to say mate I have set one up recently that gets all n3, only through a certain box. Of course only through a certain system also. :spy:


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ITV4 is a freesat channel so you will get that on any FTA setup.
Once it's pointed at astra 2d!


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don't spend big

tell him not to spend big money, I bought a cheap comag dish and reciever in Lidl and am getting all the bbc-1,2,3,4,and a few itv's, utv,channel 5 and some music channels all free to air, no subs.
will do till nag3 is sorted :)


use your sky dish, buy quad lmb, and cable your entire house, use sky box just take out card and you get all fta


If you keep the dish as it is (pointed at astra 2d and hotbird 1) you can pick up alot of stations. With your other box you should be able to have all the viewable channels together, unlike the cardless sky box which you will have to trawl thru to get to a viewable channel.
All ITV channels,Channel 4, more4, E4, BBC's, movie channels, music , news. Theres a few "foreign" channels too. Not good for sports channels or porn.
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