channels gone on starview


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is anyone else missing disney and nick channels now,they were there last night:rock on:


Everyone does pay for it or at least they should to a minimum package. IPTV in the UK would be something to look at ;)

The Irish end is been played out so is easier to foresee.
Looks like the rest of channels are goin pretty quick.The Kryptview are starting to lose stations as well.Will we get redemption soon? Heres hoping


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It's not 100% certain yet that the adult channels have gone to N3, hopefully we'll know more later this evening.


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A fix for what, N2 or N3?

As N3 hasn't been rolled out yet, there can't be a fix for it. And as N2 was only ever a temporary measure, maybe that's why people haven't put that much effort into sorting fixes for it.

The best thing to do when N3 kicks off is put your old boxes away in the attic or somewhere and wait and see what happens. That's all anyone can do.