Channels Missing

Yes, yes, I know. But, just a quick question: when I go onto a missing channel, it comes up CCcam in the corner, but there's just a blank screen. Now, when I go onto an old HD channel, it says it's scrambled. When the HD channels went, were they showing CCcam with a blank screen as they were disappearing, then later on they were scrambled, or were they showing the scrambled message that they show today, the second they went off? Thanks.
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Please could anyone shed some light on this?

Basically sky have been playing around we transponder witch has took the channels off line for now there are guys working on this problem
They made a file on the 6.4.2017 to upload to a sharing card to see if it works but it fails so. Now there trying to sort another config file to upload to oscam server to get channels back

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