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Cheapest eBay iptv (365) £5

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TK Veteran
Well I’m getting in 4K on every stream and the vod collection is for movies and shows from 2021 lol

Seems grand to me
Testing on iPad mind


TK Veteran
got on to my mac just to test it out and it seems to work grand

im just scrapping the service for shows that i have been looking for too keep


TK Veteran
had a bit more playing about today

the live tv seems pretty dung to tell the truth
but the vod is good enough for 5er for a year (if i get a year lol)


TK Veteran
Just seen one with 4.50 with best offer for 12months

worth ago lol or will I wait for the £3 one lol


I found one on eBay for £7 which isn't too bad I had to install an app on my enigma 2 box. I also found one on Twitter for £7 which is really good, better than one I paid £40 for. I'm using their own custom version of iptv smarters app. Streams are really reliable and not a lot of glitching. If it lasts a month I'd be happy, they also got support group in telegram.


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I have not quite managed to beat £5 a year. I found one that works out about £3.75 per month and have been testing it for the past two days, and to be honest it is very good so far. Downside no vod but i don't use it anyway. I suppose the test will be when the football starts. Good backup sub anyway.The added bonus is it is not a ebay sub.


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Yeah i can believe it lol such a minefield nowadays and a lot of testing and trying out to be done and some of the packages on offer with massive price differences dont help either but its all trial and error and good fun researching it up lol :(y):


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whats good for me might be bad for you, so many items can cause problems.
as you say testing is the best, dont listen to people
listen to the test

but some many people want the world with these things
every live channel and vod

buy one for vod and buy tv
dont limit yourself to one criminal lol