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Classical/Instrumental Music


I don't want to mix wordy songs with the pure unadulterated melody of instruments. :) So, what are your favorite classical/instrumental music?


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this is my ultimate chill out

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What?? No classics yet?

Here are some of my favorite classical songs; haunting and powerful.

Clair de Lune by Debussy
Serenade by Schubert
Nocturne #20 in C Sharp Minor by Chopin
The Erl King by Liszt
Jupiter in The Planets by Gustav Holst

These aren't exactly instrumental, but they definitely deserve a place among the classics.

Requiem Mass in D Minor by Mozart
O Fortuna by Carl Orff

Will post more later when I get reunited with my music collection :)

Best Regards :grin:


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rachmaninov 18th symphony

a classic, this one really floats the wife's boat

must be the worst music video ever created
textbook hifi ROFL