Communal Dish


We have a communal dish for the terrace of houses, and in the lounge there is a faceplate with a TV and Satellite socket.

Downstairs there is a faceplate with a TV and Radio socket, although the wiring for these appears to be backwards. The bedrooms all have these faceplates as well.

My question is, will the wiring behind the TV/Radio faceplates include the Sat feed? Is there an easy way to identify if the feed is there? Or can I simply switch the faceplate to one with a F type connector and use the existing wiring to receive a sat feed?

Thanks for any help and advice.


TK Veteran
as the cable for sat tv and terrestrial look the same. then the only definitive way to find out is to check it ! have you asked any neighbours?


Most communal systems send tv and sat down one or two cables ( twin input sat ) faceplate separates tv/fm/sat , if the plate has "return" that will feed the other rooms , if not ,and the other plates do not have sat, chances are that just uhf (tv) is fed to those points only.