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computers going slow issues


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In the last 2 weeks or so have noticed all pc and laptop running slow connecting to sites.

Asus laptop on wifi can take forever to load a page with added time say of 5 seconds before the process begins when saved tabs is clicked and it ran quicker before.Windows 7 and firefox.

2 desktops upstairs wired to router also do the same ,one on windows 10 and other on 7.Avast safe browser on w10 and firefox on w7

Laptop has crap cleaner run and fixed a few issue,malwarebytes premium, and avg virus and tune up.

Speedtest run and is very good and no issues showing

Bit puzzled on this and all pcs have a new browser Microsoft Edge loaded itself maybe because support finished on w7 so wondering on your thoughts.
Adblock ultimate which i can stop for forums i am on if needed.


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if all machines are doing it with different os years, it points to internet.
is it same on google chrome as well?


Are you using VM Ireland m8? I noticed it's been dropping off every so often, these past few weeks,tho I can't say it's a big issue for me. I usually use chromebook& it's quick to reconnect.However there's also a couple of windows pc's using firefox in house & at times they can be slow.


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Yes vm Ireland.
Might power up my old xp and see what it does.
No virus or malware and junk cleared.


might be worth following them up,my neighbour was complaining about them being slow a month or so ago,but he had 9 or 10 devices connected,I think they only allow 6.


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Over 10 devices i think but all not on together with many 8 port switches around the house.
Firefox stopped being popular when it became apparent it was a crock of sh!t.
I stopped using it in 2011 having used it for a few years as it was better and faster than IE.
It soon turned into Nutscrape Navigator and was immediately booted out in favour of Google Chrome.
Which lasted a good 6 months whereupon it became worse than the unusable IE.
I installed Opera and have never had a problem since, regardless of operating system in use or device being used


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Have heard of Opera might have to look into that one.

On another note my unused IBM thinktank had not been used powered off and last night it booted up and updated 1 update and rebooted and left with a blank screen with just that usual message in right lower screen of 7601 not genuine.No access to files folders or anything and tried a bootable cd.
Still get the usual logging off screen and think hdd is corrupted when trying to check disc.
Got a few more updates run and guess what microsoft edge has appeared so can google now but nothing else works.
So has hdd died and needs a new one and operating system reinstalled.