ComReg LLU proposals get EU green light


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A proposal by ComReg to direct Eircom to lower the prices it charges other operators to access its networks has been cleared by the European Commission.

The plan would see prices reduced in 2009-2010 to EUR12.24 per line per month for LLU and EUR10.38 per line per month for a partial local loop connecting to the subscriber, down from EUR17.89 and EUR15.63, respectively. "Due to the proposed regulatory measure, alternative operators will pay less for access to Eircom's network, so they will be able to provide more attractive retail offers. As a result, competition will increase and consumers will have greater choice and better prices," said EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes. The proposed price cuts build on earlier moves made in June 2009 by ComReg which lowered the prices charged by Eircom for granting competitors access to its broadband network and for migrating customers between different wholesale broadband products.

In related news, communications spokesperson for the Labour Party Liz McManus has expressed concern at the latest broadband figures for Ireland which positions Dublin 87th city in the world for the quality of its broadband infrastructure. She has called on the Government to publish a strategic plan to tackle broadband quality. McManus also urged the Government to include proposals in relation to the future of Eircom and the need for this vital infrastructure to be developed.