Cable Considering on buying a ZGemma Star H.2H


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I have a few questions before i buy one

  1. Is openvix the more stable firmware or openATV?
  2. For the openvix firmware, how do you disable updates from the box so it prevents a soft/hard brick?
  3. If i put picons on all the channels, will it slow down the speed of the box or will there be a minor difference?
  4. Can there be a possibility of signal issues causing the picture to glitch for satellite/cable channels? Someone said the tuner isn't as good as the H2.
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I can really only answer question 4 as I'v only just got my box a few days ago.

The satellite tuner is perfect however the Cable tuner is not as good as I hoped it would be.

On Cable, I get glitches using the H2H but none on my Dreambox.