Conspiracy Theories - Anyone?


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just flicking through the forum and found the article about the 40th anniversary of the moon landing.and i noticed that the old "it didn`t happen" thing reared its head.
Which leads me to this question - Whats your favourite conspiracy theory and why??
I.E. jfk,area 51, the moon, 911 e.t.c.......
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My favorite "Conspiracy Theory" is the one about members of this forum trying to get members of another forum to defect LOL!

None of it was true of course, the majority of users that came here for a look decided to stay, all by themselves (y)

Think i was around that website when it was going on,
Was like watching a hybrid version of Agatha Christie meets Hawaii 5 0 LOL
i only knew of this place cause i did my nosey and looked at someones profile on another forum. they never told me etc bout it. christ dont want another forum wars lol