Controlling zGemma 2s through walls



I have been looking around for some sort of wireless device that will allow me to control my zGemma 2s box through walls;

So far I have looked at wireless IR repeaters, this option seems like it would work, but seems rather unattractive as I would like to avoid the option of having a large "station" in the room with the television.

I additionally have looked at IR to RF; mainly this. This option seems exactly like what I would want, although I cannot find it for sale in England, importing it would be expensive and I may come into issues with converting the power.

So, I am mainly asking; What are my options and has anyone got any personally tested options.

I will provide a super simple layout of the TV and the Gemma box:

Top floor

zGemma 2S
Floor of Top floor
HDMI wiring etc.
Bottom floor




The easiest and free way is just to use a mobile phone app. There are lots about. There is a bit of a fan club on here of people using an app called Timote. Don't have the need for an app myself, so can't help you further.

Your enigma2 box also comes with a built in app called openwebif. Via your phone, tablet, computer, laptop, all you have to do is enter your zgemmas ip address ( - it will look something like into your device and a web page will appear that will allow you to do many things including turning your tv over via a virtual remote.