Conviction producer says players shouldn't fear the new 'Mark and Execute' feature


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by Xav de Matos { 21 hours ago }

Ubisoft Montreal producer Alexandre Parizeau told Joystiq that gamers should not fear Splinter Cell: Conviction's new 'Mark and Execute' feature. Since first showing off the feature during Microsoft's Pre-E3 media briefing, Parizeau says some gamers fear the game will become too easy. "Have no fear at all," Parizeau told Joystiq during a one-on-one interview during E3 2009. "It's an added tool that lets you do the first step when storming a room or area or a situation. But you'll have all the tools that you used to use as well."

The 'Mark and Execute' feature allows gamers to mark enemies for death and immediately snap to the target, taking them out of the equation in one quick action. Parizeau says the feature was included to change the concept of what stealth has traditionally meant for players. "Stealth -- in the past -- has always treated the same way. It was more like a defensive tool," Parizeau said. "What we wanted to do is give tools to the player to be more on the offensive, but remain stealth." Comparing Sam Fisher to Jack Bauer multiple times during the interview, Parizeau says Ubisoft Montreal's overall goal is to make gamers feel like Fisher is the predator players expect him to be. Sounds like Badass: The Game to us.

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