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Cristiano Ronaldo scores his best-ever goal with insane overhead kick against Juventus


TK Veteran
He's the man isn't he.

Pure class from juve fans also.

Could wait a lifetime before we see his like again. Some of the stories of how hard he works to be where he is are barely believable.

Deserves every accolade he gets.

That round of emoji_clap was an honourary ballon d'Or last night.



TK Veteran
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Class goal rightly said only thing that lets him down is his arrogance towards his fellow team mates but i think hes learnt that one man dont make a team but give him his due when you need a goal on the big stage he always pulls one out of the hat from somewhere and last night was just genius and everyone in the stadium applauded what they had witnessed :(y):


TK Veteran
He's a class act. Never forgotten where he came from, works tirelessly for his own benefit but share the rewards with others. Rumoured to be very generous with his time, turning up to meet sick fans, paying for expensive treatments and insisting the press aren't informed. In his home town he's bankrolled all sorts of schemes

Wrt his teammates, there's that famous video of him at Portugal's penalty shootout inspiring a better player to set up.

Contrast that to Paul ince calling himself the guvnor whilst not being able to even watch as a less able centre back steps up to miss for England.

Would love England to have a captain capable of that

He can lead like that as he walks the walk.

Total boss


TK Veteran
Just seen the goal.. Bit special .
Arrogant. or special. Fine line. But for finesse. gets 10/10. As good as Becks
Free kick against Greece close


TK Veteran
He's different to Messi.

There have been players similar to Messi before, he just does it better than all previous models

Ronaldo is pretty much a new generation of footballer. Faster, stronger and better in the air than anybody his peers. As tricky as waddle, fast as Giggs, shoots like Gerrard and hunts goals like Ian rush as strong as drogba and as good in the air as shearer.

Just ridiculous.

They say that the art of being a goal poacher is unteachable, yet Ronaldo learned the craft late on in his career. Never been done before. Imagine Ryan Giggs deciding to be van nistelrooy and that's Ronaldo career path.