GrogBuild Crogbuild freerange cant backup full image ?

Hi All,

I have recently flashed to crogbuild freerange image on my DUO2. It is working well and I have got everything I need. Only issue is I am unable to backup full image. Everytime I tried the box crashed with full screen.

Is it known issue or I need to change something.

I have internal HDD installed and the backup location is my HDD.



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As far as I'm aware you can't backup the modern builds like you used to.
Grogbuild freerange and wooshbuild infinity.
It's easier and quicker to reflash than it is to install a backup
Thanks. I know it is quick to reflash but I like to keep the backup to avoid spending time to reinstall all plugins, settings and softcams.

Just wanted to check if it is my box only or same for everyone.

So wooshbuild will be same as well?

Happy New Year to all fourm members.