David Carradine Assassinated?


well Carradine's family believe he was assassinated by Kung Fu Martial Artists, here's a link

David Carradine was killed because he was investigating kung fu crime lords, his family have suggested.

The Kill Bill star, 73, was found dead in a Bangkok hotel room last week, with a rope tied around his neck and manhood.

While Thai police initially suggested it was a sex act gone horribly wrong, the actor's family have claimed that he was killed for investigating secret societies in that area.

The lawyer to Carradine's family, Mark Geragos, was asked on Larry King's US chat show if the Kung Fu star was "interested in investigating and disclosing secret societies?"

To which, Geragos replied, "Absolutely. And so there is a suspicion that if there was some foul play, that may be the first area they should look."

Geragos has also revealed that the actor's family have urged the FBI to investigate Carradine's death.

He added, "It's hard to start the grieving process when you don't have all the information on what happened. Family members are frustrated and in shock.

"The information keeps evolving, and that's troubling them."

The assassin conspiracy theory has remarkable similarities to Bruce Lee's death in 1973. While his death was ruled to be heart failure, there are still some who believe that the martial arts legend was murdered by Chinese triads.

A former wife of Carradine has rubbised the conspiracy theories however. Marina Anderson said, "If he was involved in secret societies, it was a secret I didn't even know about."



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Well i don't know, that auto eroticism thing seems pretty popular, especially amongst english public school types. Apologies if i have offended anyone.

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And of course the family are going to deny it, who would want to think that about a loved one?


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was`nt the first won`t be the last Eva Micheal Hutchinson wasted his life in the same way.


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I understand the family and why they think the way they do, but as Eva stated Erotic Asphyxiation is not entirely uncommon these days.