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Depeche Mode is all over Left 4 Dead 2


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by Richard Mitchell { 16 hours ago }

What's the first thing you think of, musically, when you think of Left 4 Dead 2? The most obvious answer, of course, is Depeche Mode. At Comic-Con, Valve's Chet Falizsek revealed to Kotaku that the company approached many record labels and music groups seeking their music for the game, with Depeche Mode apparently being one of the most enthusiastic. The band is allowing Valve to use its music, likeness and merchandise, like the T-shirt sported by Rochelle in the image above. Just how much Depeche Mode is featured in the game beyond T-shirts, Faliszek didn't say.

Frankly, if we get anything less than a music video maker that lets you set your zombie-slaying to the tune of "Personal Jesus," we'll be disappointed.

From - Joystiq [Xbox]


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wonder will we get our rocket launcher and samurai blade in this one homie lol

some nice friendly A.I. army dudes to fight alonside like in prototype would be excellent, vehicles will have to be a must for the next one too!


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looks like we're getting a chainsaw, axe and a frying pan for this one homie!

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no vehicles i wouldnt say, shoulda kept the old charactars too i think.