Desi Chai


TK Veteran
Not sure if anyone drinks this but if your open to new flavours desi tea is delicious. Prefer to traditional english tea myself.

So way I make it is below. Approximately for one person but can be adjusted if there are multiple people wanted to drink the tea.

Put a half a mug of water and 1 full mug of milk in the saucepan.

I have crushed fenel seeds and lychees.

Then put 1 tea spoon of each in the saucepan.

Add half a tea spoon of sugar, gives it flavour for later on.

Add two tea bags.

Then heat it up so it starts to boil and once is starts to boil turn it down on the lowest heat and leave for 20-25 minutes to cook.

After that time it will be done and add sugar if you want.