Diego Maradona - Doesn`t mince his words!


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Diego Maradona turned the air blue after Argentina's victory over Uruguay when he launched a verbal assault on members of the media who had continually berated him during the nation's bid to qualify for next summer's World Cup.

The 48 year-old rejoiced after his squad finished fourth in the South American group with Wednesday's 1-0 win which gained them automatic entry to World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

But Maradona, who has come in for heavy criticism in recent months, did nothing to sugar-coat his feelings towards the media who he subjected to a sexually explicit, foul-mouthed rant.

"To those who did not believe in us - and ladies forgive me - they can suck my ---- and keep on sucking it," he said. "I am black or white; I'll never be grey in my life.

"You lot take it up the a---, if the ladies will pardon the expression. This is for all Argentineans except for the journalists. I would like to thank the team for giving me the privilege to lead Argentina to the World Cup. Thank you to the Argentinean people who had faith.

"This is for those who did not believe in the team and treated me like dirt - but we still qualified with honour. They will now have to accept this. I want to thank the players and the fans - no one but them."

Maradona was hired by Julio Grondona almost a year ago with virtually no coaching experience and the long-term security of his position has been the subject of speculation of late.

Confident he will remain in charge to guide Argentina to the World Cup, Maradona added: "I am neither quitting nor going, I want to make that clear to everyone.

"I repeat to all those that said anything against me, keep eating your words. I am very proud of my players. They made me feel like a real coach because all of what we had planned in the dressing room, they did it on the pitch."