Different Methods?


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So I have been thinking and I have to say I am really overwhelmed by all the options/methods out there available for us be it for free or paying.

So currently from what I understand you have different platforms/devices available for streaming, such as:
Android Boxes
Mag Boxes
Roku stick
Fire Tv stick
E2 Boxes

Probably others also.

Then you have other options like multi lnb, motorised, sly uk and cable.

Then for services you would have c/s, plex servers for VOD, IPTV servers, cracked accounts and probably others ones also.

Seems also to me everything is on apps and is app driven, mainly for Android software more than anything else. Even though I am not big or a fan of apps like most.

But with all of these options/methods which is the best one? As I am really overwhelmed by all of this as alot seems very technical. I get most would have majority of these devices/services, but for me all I have is what I have.
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I’m liking my accounts that I have bought off auto buys
And my paid ddl links

My order of watching at the min is

Ddl links
Free tv
Auto buy accounts


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What is auto buys?

I get in terms of cracked accounts much less than legit ones but I am sure they wouldnt last long would they?

There are too many places selling these cracked accounts. Hard to trust anyone with most out to make a quick buck and do one.

For watching get streaming with all these ways is easier. Always been a downloader. Be it filehosts, multihost, usenet or torrents.


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Ab are cracked
But you get the details within seconds lol

Some work some don’t
Some sellers replace some don’t

Yea I’m have always been a downloaded, never been much of a torrent, well I was for a while in the days of potuk

But uploaded.net and likes I love


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I prefer enigma 2 boxes as you just get less problems than you do with apps on android. You can have IPTV and the added bonus of satellite if you want it, but also you get the e2 iplayer for movies and tv shows that works very well.



It is a little but confusing and as with anything technically based there are millions of ways of doing things.

Let me try to help....

As far as I know ccam are redundant now - this was where folks shared their Sky subscription over the Internet. Sky changed there encryption method and that was that. I think Virgin have also managed to stop it.

So really the next stop is IPTV. Free IPTV or hacked accounts are up and down and very rarely last very long so unless you plan on scouring the ext regular for these I feel it's not worth the hassle!

So a paid service is way the most folks go. There are lots of services, in general doing the same thing, but it in different ways. You need to find a provider that has the channels you want and is pretty stable (they all claim 99.9% uptime and "premium" service) - it's best to grab a few trials. Perhaps grab a handful of free trials so you can see how they all do things, the ones you like perhaps get a paid 48hour sub or even try them out for a month. The services that are decent usually do well over peak programs i.e. the big football matches, boxing ppv! So see how they handle. Obviously support is required too. Everyone does this different and in different ways and some just don't bother :/ obviously you want someone who can help you out at times :)

So now what to watch it on? There are millions of boxes and devices.

Let's start off easy - a Firestick or simple Android box - you often just put an app from the app store and login (provided from your supplier). Again the apps are all different doing things in different ways. Smarters Pro, Perfect Player are among the best.

You do have Smart TVs too which are worth a mention. Android based TVs will have IPTV apps available from the app store just install one and off you go (pretty much like the Android boxes and sticks). Some smart TVs have their own endorsed apps like siptv and you're pretty limited to the apps they provide. I have heard reports lately of some TV firmware updates wiping these out. So then you'd prob have to get a device anyway.

Then there are more premium products like the Nvidia Shield - Handles apps better and offers other extra premium options and settings. Again these are very popular.

Then I guess it's the more technical boxes. The formula boxes, Enigmas, Mags etc. They can be complex (especially if you get issues) so can take up some of your time getting them right. But they do offer often a smoother service , perhaps faster channel zaps (we'm talking milliseconds compared to Android apps) and quite often that cable provider feel with the interface etc. So do your research before you buy one of these.

Plex and Emby shares are people just sharing their movie/film collections over the Internet. So kinda a Netflix alternative! You can put Plex or Emby on virtually any device these days so aslong as you've got a net connection you browse their movies and TV and just play it.

There is no best option! It's what you like and how TV works for you really. Netflix, on demand, etc really changed how we watch TV. So it's what you want and how you want it :)