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Digibit dd-wrt


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Has anyone successfully set up Digibit vpn on a ddwrt router?

I was able to get Nord going ok. but I've tried Digibit using their instructions and have had no joy.. I've tried raising support tickets on their client site but they keep disappearing apparently.

If anyone has managed it could they maybe point out what I'm missing maybe. Cheers
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I had it working a long time ago , I've now got it setup on an asus router using merlin firmware , but only use it when I have to
because speeds are diablolical . I usually get about 65mb but using openvpn on router it drops to around 7mb, speeds are ok using the apps though.
Sorry I cant help but at least you know it does work (but shit) :-)


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I know it can work, it's just getting this setup to do what I want it too is driving me mad lol. Speed reduction when it runs through the wooshbuild plugin is minimal but speed reduction running Nord on the router is near 60%. Was wanting to run Digibit on it and compare results but it's proving to be a pain lol