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dreambox cpu ali chip


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here is the dreambox 500 list yes it has

250 MHz PowerPC Processor (350 Mips)
- Linux Operating System
- 1 x Smartcard-Reader
- MPEG2 Hardware decoding
- Common available NIMs (DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T)
- V.24/RS232 Interface
- 10/100Mbit compatible Ethernet Interface
- 2 LED status
- unlimited channel lists for TV/Radio
- channel-change time < 1 second
- full automatic service scan
- supports directly bouquet-lists
- supports EPG (electronic program guide)
- supports own videotext
- supports multiple LNB-Switching control (DiSEqC)
- fully adaptable OSD in many languages and skin-support
- S/PDIF Interface for digital bit stream out (AC-3)
- 1 x Scart-interfaces
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thanks for the reply, could you please tell me if the HD dreambox satellite receiver also has a cpu ali chip in it and could you recommend anywhere i could buy one and again thanks for the help it is very much appreciated.

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hello, i have been looking around the net at HD dreambox satellite receivers and i have noticed that there is no hdmi connection on the back of the receiver, is there a dvi connection on the back and does a dvi to hdmi adaptor work, thank you