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Dual vga graphics card


Hi I would like to buy a dual vga graphics card so that I can have 2 possibly 3 monitors working of my pc but seems vey confusing looking for correct part. My pc is a refurbished dell with intel core duo/ windows 10. Any suggestions would be welcome


TK Veteran
post up your full system spec and what your budget is for graphics card.

vga is old people tend to use display port now for multi monitors or dual hdmi.

Sometimes multi monitors are pointless you are better of just getting a large size one with high resolution I find the ultra wide ones better then two screens


TK Veteran
you need to let us know what model of pc? I personally would not bother with vga. I use 2 monitors at work connected by DVI connection. Its digital and better sharper clearer picture. VGA is old and analogue. Have a look at the pc and see if dvi is supported? you can also use display ports or hdmi connections, again depends on spec of pc and graphics supported? and also if your monitors support those connections.