Dyson Hopes To Blow Away Rivals As Temp Rises


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As forecasters predict a week of sunny days and balmy nights, one British inventor has found a way to blow the competition away.


Dyson Air Multiplier fans have motors in the base which increases their stability

Sir James Dyson, whose gained fame for his revolutionary vaccum cleaners, is preparing for a timely launch of his firm's new floor-standing Air Multiplier fans.

He told Sky News: "We like using air flow. Air is free and there's lots of it. And we like using science to make it work better."

Dyson's remote-controlled bladeless fans combine technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines to produce 50% more buffet-free flow than their predecessor.

They are expected to appeal to overheated office workers, many of whom work in buildings that are unprepared for lengthy periods of hot weather.

Sir James said the new tall thin design would also be an alternative to bulky air-conditioners in hospitals and laboratories - as well as even being a whimsical extra for sunbathers to position next to their loungers.

Psychologists have spoken of the benefits of buffet-free air, according to Sir James.

The company which bears its founder's name is known for its innovative designs like the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner and Airblade hand dryer.

Not all its ideas have been a success though - the Contrarotator washing machine was withdrawn from the market for being too bulky and costly.

Sir James is reluctant to take credit for the range of inventive ideas and credits his team of engineers and scientists and "a lot of hard work".

With several thousand patents under its belt, the Wiltshire-based company is the second largest patent filer in the UK, an accolade Sir James hopes will be maintained by doubling the team.

Last year, Dyson developed 'the world's fastest motor', revolving at ten times the speed of an aircraft engine, for its mini vacuum cleaner range. However world records are just a by-product of the firm's research.

"We are more interested in making things work properly", Sir James said.

Dyson's desktop bladeless Air Multiplier fans have already proved popular with consumers, with sales soaring six-fold in the UK and Japan.