E-Channelizer and IPTV Issue



I am using wooshbuild infinity on zgemma h9s and open atv - just checked all software updates and all is updated

i had an old subscription with my provider and used the E-Channeliser to manage the bouquets and this worked well - i also have epg importer and iptv bouquet maker
i used to just go into plugins and reset, create bouquets and then scan with epg-importer and all channels and bouquets would show and see the data so all was good, i would then run e-channeliser and apply custom bouquets.
i then upgraded my subscription and they gave me a new user name and password - i then changed the usernames and passwords in all areas i could see in the box - edited the config.xml all works fine on the epg-import and iptv importer
i then run the e-channeliser and i have checked the details are the same and it runs and shows all the epg data and bouquets but no stream shows at all just a black screen, service is fine i go into my android box and can load all vod and channels fine.

I have reset the system and re done all processes as before but as soon as i add e-channeliser - my custom setup on where i want the bouquets - the system stops displaying the feed - i have looked everywhere in both e-channeliser and the box and cant see what is causing the problem i know its e-channeliser but i know this works for the bouquets so I wanted to ask to see what the problem is

i have probably missed something so wanted to ask the forum for help

thanks in advance