Edision OS Mega various niggles

Only got my Mega yesterday, set it all up nice and easy, but I have some niggles with it unfortunately.

The remote is very critical in working, so if I point it slightly away it does not work, I dont have this issue with my OS Mini box remote. I did read the led in the remote is probably not aligned correct but god knows how you open the remote up, it looks impossible without damaging it.

My Mega also has a whining / buzzing noise coming from inside the box, it looks to be either the cpu or some inductors. And it's there even when the box is turned off. As I'm in a quiet environment I can hear it even from my sofa while watching tv.

And Kodi does not work correctly, but this is no big deal, it seems for some it works and others not.



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There's no CPU fan or case fan on the Mega so I can only assume it's the HDD. Was it fitted by the seller?

I don't know about Kodi, I only use it on my FireTV box.


I use the remote from a Zgemma H2s, didn't like the Mutant remote and Kodi works fine for me. As for the noise yes I would agree I can hear a faint noise from my box but nothing to complain about and yes I have a 500gb hard drive fitted by the supplier.


do the 2 remotes look the same i have the edison mini and the remote is rubish if you look at your remote from the sideyou will se a thin split line where the top and bottem cases of your remote joins to geather if you get a thin Credit card you can work the credit card into the thin line where thay join and slowley prise the cases apart without damaging or marking them so no warenty wories


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Thanks for the replies guys.

i fitted the hard drive myself , it's an ssd drive so completely silent, so definitely the noise is coming from the items I mentioned above. As mentioned there are no fans. That's why I brought this box, for the silence.

The remote is the same as my OS Mini remote but gap on this one is so small nothing fits in it, not even a credit card.

i also forgot to mention in my first post I had fun with hdmi cables as well. Basically I have some hdmi cables that when fitted to the Mega they are very intermittant and just the slightest touch of the plug the picture breaks up like mad, but yet these cables are perfect on the OS Mini box, and one was always being used with the Mini. so not sure what's going on there.

when I spotted this hdmi cable issue I thought oh good that's why Kodi is playing up, but it wasn't that in the end.
I also bypassed my amp as my hdmi leads go through this and went staight to the tv but Kodi was still twitching like mad on the picture.

strange how Kodi works for some and not others using the same box.

thanks again.


Not noticed any noise on mine, but then i have a BT youview box which drowns out everything else with its racket.

No problems with my remote either, but i do now use a one for all instead.

What problem do you have with Kodi, is it playing streams on Exodus etc. as there is a fix for that.


I dont have a noise on mine either, perhaps there is a fault in the box causing the hdmi/kodi issue as they are both video output related?
My brother has the Edision Mega and he has told me that there is a noise that he can hear when it's quiet.
His box has a 1TB drive fitted.



I couldn't get my OS Mini remote open with a credit card or plastic spludger.I resorted to a sharp knife to lever it open a little and then used a credit card to open the rest up.
My sensor was sat at about 45 degrees off centre !


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The problem with Kodi is when it starts the picture goes on and off like mad, a bit like strobing and if I manage to navigate to the right where all the settings are the picture calms down slightly but still is going on and off, just not as erratic.

Yes you might be right, there may be an issue with the box, i have put a support ticket in, so will wait for their reply.

Same as me I hear the noise easily when it's quiet.

I'll leave the remote for now in case it all has to go back etc.

thanks for all your input.