EPG buttons have gone awry after reflash.


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Put WB v.6 on my H2S and noticed the buttons to control my EPG have altered. In particular the CH/Page button doesn't search through 8 channels at a time back and forth anymore. Instead it moves +24 hours like the blue button used to do!

I've searched through the EPG menu and can't see where to restore the CH/Page button to its previous function. Any ideas?


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Sorted it.

Had to do a second reflash and all my original EPG button functions came back.

Go figure!


This is on my V5 also. I've tried altering the keymap.xml also and swapping the functions but nothing seems to work for me.

If you press 2 and 8 that's what now pages your epg up and down, and I've resorted to just using that and it's not too bad.

Maybe Wooshman can spread some knowledge on this.

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A strange one alright, yep, a second flash sorted it out for me as well, wonder what that's all about....?
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yeah I same problem with my epg, annoying yes,but understandable seeing as its only recently released.