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So my IPTV supplier gave me a .m3u file to install on my Mag254. Got that working and I basically get 100 channels on the box. Problem is when I scroll down there is no description as to what is on the channels in a preview. So i asked him can i have an EPG for it and i got a URL like the following..

http://"serverip":25461/xmltv.php?username="my username"&password="my password"

My supplier has really good stream performance but he doesn't have instructions how to install. I am lost on this one. What can I do with the file above on a Mag box??


Did you tell him it was for a mag box I just had to give my supplier my mac address and it was all done the server end no need for a m3u file that can only be used in the inner portal after giving mac address I have inner and outer portal outer portal is where I view all my channels which has full channel guide UK and USA with full programme description and there is about 300 channels in FHD/ HD and SD your supplier needs to send you a portal http link instead of m3u file
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Yes.everything same happend to me.first for test i've received http for portal and later he gave me an m3u and i asked for normal portal,like in test,for mag 256,he told me - " yeh i can do it, if u want it like that, but its tied to the box, most people like the m3u incase there box messes up, also they can put it on another device if there box is not working, its up to u " .
And now Im waiting.couse i dont have epg and this iptv section inside mag meny is slow and I do not have the possibility of reviewing the contents etc. I do not know whether he's right but I do not like it like this...

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The URL above that I posted though does include a "XMLTV" part in the address which to me implies there is some sort of EPG built into it. I am just not sure what to do with this URL on the mag.


Did you ever get sorted?
There's a way to use smart iptv on your mag box with a m3u file.
The app costs a £5 one off payment after a 7day trial.

Link to how to:

I think with this you may get what's coming on and the 3 next items...better than no epg at all..worth a shot and it's free to try


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you really shouldnt need to use an m3u on these boxes, theyre designed to be linked to an iptv portal via mac and the portal will supply the epg.


Aye you shouldn't need to but some suppliers offer 2x connections at a cheaper rate that doesn't apply to mac addressed devices and only m3u devices..

Also like the guy said above people like to add their iptv onto the likes of their phone so when it's not in use in the house they can use it out and about.

Saying that I found a mag box to m3u converter for windows last week on the xtream editor website.