EPG only semi-loading

Have only recently got this, very new user and pretty lost to be honest...

only the freeview channels load on the epg, I've formatted a usb and installed, i can pause live tv so i assume its working?!

any ideas on why only some channels load?

thanks so much for any advice....newbie


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menu > Setup > EPG Check settings and make epg save location your usb stick.
Also in epg section should be CrossEPG or EPG importer. Make sure sources are set correctly and do a manual download.


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Go into menu/setup/system/epg/settings and location needs to be set to your usb device,if it does not pick up your usb then its just storing freeview on the internal memory,Pick up a genuine sandisk and then you will be fine,just make sure epg is set to save to the usb and not the internal flash,then go to cross epg and set your location and download now