Epson NP12-V: Windows 7 Nettop


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Posted: 16 Dec 2009 04:45 AM PST

Epson NP12-V: Windows 7 Nettop

Over the years Epson have been regarded as a company who only offer printers, however recently they have been trying to expand in different markets, one of these markets is the nettop market.

Epson have recently released their NP12-V nettop, this nettop features an Intel Atom 230 (1.6Ghz) processor, 1GB of RAM and a160GB hard drive. Also worth mentioning is its SiS672 Video and SiS968 Chipsets.

This particular model is said to be extremely similar to the Epson NP11-V, however one major difference is that it runs Windows 7 Home Premium instead of Windows Vista.

Currently the Epson NP12-V is selling in Japan for around 32800 Yen, this roughly equates to $370, for more information check out SlipperyBrick.
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