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I decided to demolish most of the upstairs of my house - I am now rebuilding and thought it would be a good idea to extend the cable network buried in the new walls - so I have ordered catv cable, cable splitters not to mention a Eurovox EX1000 SL to go with my Eurovox MAX Virgin Digi box and V+ HD box. As I am pretty clueless - joining wires should be easy - do I need to get anything else like boosters - I expect there will be some 60 metres of cable by the time I've finished. Also where can I get those pretty connectors that sit on the wall to plug the box into - a cable sticking out won't look very pretty - My Cable Box didn't seem to offer anything - unless they named it in obscure coded words.
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How did I find the site - well I blundered my way to it from checking out FTA software updates to make sure the boxes will be up to date!(y)


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you should be able to get all you need in maplins or any sat shop how good is your single now personal id get a booster myself but its you choice


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Home network

Thanks hadmad
I've got a few more bits to puzzle how to put together - are there any manuals e-books on the subject of connecting a network together - would be really useful if there were


Can't help with the co-ax, but your Cat5 is good for links up to 90m end to end.

Easiest way is to run a pair of cables (run a pair in case one gets a nail through it) into the attic, from a double RJ45 socket near your cable modem, to another double RJ45 socket in the attic.

Use the same method to run single cable up into the attic from each room as well (you can buy 4 port wall sockets if you only have 4 rooms (you might need backboxes to go with them))

Then all you need to do is install a switch at each end of the long run to split the network connections up.
( you could use a wireless router at each end here btw, they usually come with a 4 port switch on them), and hook them up using some patch leads.

So the line from the modem would be split into 4, one would run into the attic, where again it would be split into 4, and from there into each room.

(btw if you are going to run the co-axial along with the rest, then it might be worth buying shielded Cat6 instead of Cat5 (the shielding would require grounding though))