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my brother in law has just bought a maxter external hardrive to free some space on his laptop.he hasent got a clue how tostart to take his libarey off comp to external hd.im just trying to help him out.to all my tk friends outther i know someone will av the know how please help


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I just drag and drop the files ( or open the drive and use the move function) to transfer the files from the laptop's hd to the external hd.


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with my external hard drive(seagate), it comes with a function to do a backup, i then just tick on the all files tab, then everything gets copied onto the hard drive. hope this helps.(y)


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this hd come with no instrutions i expected the instructions to come up on my comp so i would just do as as it ssaid but no joy.any help would be most appriceatad,excuse the spellling