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Factory settings/ image

Mr Bella

Hi to all i am having not a few but alot off problems with star s2 i got it last week and flashed with sucmnsee vix image now i am having trouble in trying to put a new image on as i dont know if i have done some thing wrong. Done factory reset which i thought it would take the box back to new but no tried many usb sticks the box just boots up as normall but on the stick i get 2 new folders been to zgemma. Tv got image but again it goes straight to boot no flsh. Read forums watched you tube googled
the reason is trying to tune in tuner b but no luck as i can't get past that stage as when it searches for it says tuner 1 so i cant get to net id. At the moment i want to throw it out off the window. I know someone here can help please pretty please.
Kind regards