Ferguson FBOX ATV


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Ferguson FBOX ATV
are these any good for iptv ??

a friend has fetched it to me cos he cannot do anything with it.. he says it keeps freezing and non responsive..
ive done a factory reset and done a update of firmware, this is different has its Dual OS Android for TV 7.0 and Linux Debian

when installing apps some android apps work, some dont not sure why ??

specs of it here
FBOX ATV - mini PC - inteligentny dom Ferguson Digital


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installed a few apps
livetv net = dont work
redbox = dont work

working apps
Teatv ok
Mobdro ok
kodi ok
Stb Emu ok
IPTV Smarters ok

so after testing and working ok here, its got to be his internet provider which is crap...


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This box has a app called DinoTV which supports iptv
you need to input a mac address and use a mag portal address

im currently testing this and upto press it seems good no issues so far
DinoTV app

works ok with a mag portal, changing channel is very quick

some channels dont display 1080 or 720 format you cannot change display settings to suit, they are 4.3 and picture looks not good enough to watch,
cannot change language from german to eng etc....

but other than that it works ok hopefully the devs will sort it out

these boxes software are simlar to dinobot
the android side of it
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