Fight Night Round 4 might get button mapping via DLC


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by Griffin McElroy { 1 day ago }

Okay, we're going to have to step very lightly here to avoid inciting a full-on boycott/panic/riot. A subtle piece of information slipped under the radar during a mid-June IGN interview with Fight Night Round 4's producers. The tidbit came in response to a query which asked whether the game would allow face button punching controls (it doesn't) -- a query which producer Brian Hayes answered with, "there is no option for face button punching in the final version, but we are investigating providing the option via DLC."

Now, we're somewhat confused as to why the button-mapping options featured in previous Fight Night titles aren't already present in the most recent iteration of the sweetly scientific sim -- not everyone appreciates the stick-based punching control scheme. More importantly, if the folks at EA Sports are thinking about charging for this option -- and we're not saying they definitely are -- then they are high on pot.

We've contacted EA Sports to find out what the deal is.

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