Fine tuning your motorised satellite dish

first goto intelsat1w or thor 0.8 [if in ireland goto atlantic bird 5w] this is you ref sat.
go to the menu where you can change between diseqc and usals. if your dish was set up with usals then the settings should already be there.
here you will see the Longitude and Latitude. Slightly increase your longitude, prefrably by 0.5 and press `go to position` [or whatever your reciever says] check if the signal has increased or decreased. If it has increased then you are going the right way and hen add 0.2 if it has gone down take away 1.0(0.5 to compensate for your first attempt and the other 0.5 to go the other way) if the signal goes up, add another 0.2 if down then your original alignment was perfect.
at this stage if you have not been able to improve you signal then get out to the shed and bring out the ladder. you will need to skew the lnb. but first make sure you have a marker to mark the lnb`s current skew. once you have done that slightly turn the lnb both ways until you have peaked the signal.
then you should be sorted.