Firefox 3.6: First Preview


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Firefox 3.6: First Preview

Posted: 10 Aug 2009 02:27 PM PDT

Firefox 3.6: First Preview

An alpha build of Mozilla Firefox 3.6 was released on Friday, and now users have had a chance to thoroughly use the software an article has appeared on ComputerWorld looking at the new version. If you would like to try Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Alpha click here.

Firefox 3.6 is codenamed Namoroka, and is said to only be a minor update to the popular web browser, this update should be officially released in November. According to Mozilla only developers and testers should really try Mozilla Firefox 3.6 as it is still in its very early stages.

Mozilla stated a few changes have been made when compared to Firefox 3.5.1, one of the major improvements is said to be with the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine which is said to be much faster now. Also integration within Windows 7 is said to be one of the key areas Mozilla are concentrating in.

Have you used the Alpha build of Firefox 3.6? Tell us what you think.