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Get the Close Button Back on the Last Open Tab in Firefox 3.51

Frustrated and missing the Close Button on the last open tab in the newer releases of Firefox? Now you can have that wonderful Close Button back with the Last Tab Close Button extension.

Before Last Tab Close Button

Anyone using the newer releases of Firefox will notice that the Close Button has disappeared from the tab if it is the only (or last) one open. Right clicking on the tab will also show that the option to close the tab is grayed out. Very frustrating if this is something that you have been using on a daily basis while browsing. Time to fix that little problem!


After Last Tab Close Button

After you have installed the extension, all that you have to do is enjoy having that Close Button goodness available to you again. Look at that beautiful button!

Note: Right clicking on the tab will show that the close tab option is still grayed out as shown above.



For those people who have been missing this wonderful little feature, this is definitely a “must have” extension!

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