Firefox Popout For Youtube


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I just love this one :)

What does it do?

It allows you to pop any video from Youtube into its own window, you can then close Youtube & move/resize the popout window containing the video and watch it as you continue to work with other windows.

How to set it up:

Open Firefox (Works for the new 3.5 too)

Right click the bar above the TABS bar & choose "New Bookmark"


Fill in the NAME: field (I used Popout).

Fill in the LOCATION: field by copying & pasting the green text below.

Click the ADD button.

javascript:var a = document.getElementById("embed_code").value;
newWindow="", "myWindow", "status = 1, height = 354, width = 435, resizable = 0" );

You will now see a new "Popout" icon on the bar above the TABS.


You're Done!

Now, anytime you go to youtube to view a video, simply click on the Popout icon and enjoy your video in its own window.


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