Firestick settings.


Guys having a problem with the firestick 4k on my 4k tv. The picture quality is really poor running iptv trough vivid media app and smart iptv app. Perfect picture on the smart iptv app just trough the tv itself but when running both apps with the firestick the picture quality is poor? Anyone else had this problem and solved it? TV is samsung nu7300. Tried different settings on firestick in display but as i say picture quality is poor?


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just a thought have you tried it on a different tv.

and a big (y)(y)(y) for your picture bud im going the game sat cant wait


Are u running same stream file via both apps?
And if so siptv 1) is fine 2) is poor..
I would say app issue, & make sure your not running other in background


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I was a bit confused with this thread!! If you play something like BBC iplayer or something similar through firestick, what is your picture like? If its Good then there is a problem with app or Provider!!


Thanks for the replies guys
Yes have tried it in a different tv and enjoy the game m8 coyr
providers app is ok have used it many times on different devices
smart iptv is not my providers app which runs poorly on firestick but is perfect picture through the tv
:laughing: Think that is everything
Just think i am missing something in display settings or something?