Formuler vs Nvidia Shield for IPTV and other stuff


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Personally a box/device can only perform as good as the service imo.
Before you even contemplate iptv what Internet speeds do you get also whether you would want it hardwired or WiFi we all have our favourite boxes ie some like the shield some like the formuler range and all comes down to budget and preferences and if your wanting a user friendly device me myself think a shield is overkill just for iptv unless you like gaming that's my opinion it also has upscaling as I've owned 2 now latest models and didn't like them like every device they all have pros/cons I know a few members on here own them and like them and others dislike them
I currently run a formuler cc box and can't fault it all mainly for the mol app and built in tuner and really simple to use especially for missus and kids (worst luck) lol.
As for devices as already stated depends on budget but here is a list in no preferance of other devices to look at and I own formuler box firestick 4k amazon cube the buzz Vidstick and the buzz XRS4500 and the Amiko a6 box android TV 🙈🙈🤣🤣
Firestick 4k
Firestick 4k max
Amazon cubes
Firestick lite
Amiko a6
Amiko a6n
Amilo [email protected]
Buzz Vidstick
Buzz XRS4500
@Kuul Media forum sponsor will name more buzz range
Formuler z10
Formuler z 10 Pro
Formuler z 11
Formuler z11 pro
Formuler cc
Meacol I think there called
The new chrome cast
I would also look for a box that supports hevc265 codec as alot of providers use them nowdays I will say take plenty of trials of providers to start with and don't go straight for 12 months start at a month at a time.
Also if you have a smart tv you can run iptv on them depending on make and model
Mostly true bazz. I should imagine the really cheap end boxes with cheap processors and ram components may not do aswell.


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To the OP, we hope these answers give you all the info you need, as you can see everyone agrees which is the best device.
Check back tomorrow when we will be finding out whether Vix or Atv is best and whether men are better than women and finally settling the debate between religion and science.


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@Senscott for plex prime etc plus iptv check out android 11 on buzztv for an all in one. note no official Netflix or Chromecast

Buzztv E5
Buzztv X5
Buzztv U5
Buzztv HD5 STICK