Forum Rules.

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  • Be polite / respectful at all times. New members should be made to feel welcome.
  • Registration emails have to be valid or your account will automatically become void / suspended.
  • No adult content of any kind avatars/signatures included. If you wouldn’t show it your child, don’t post it here.
  • No self-promotion / advertising, via links referral links or in avatars / signatures, to similar Forums or websites without first contacting the Administrator.
  • Multiple accounts ARE allowed IF cleared prior to creation. Our system detects and deletes accounts from the same I.P address. So, if there are more than one person in your household wanting to use our site. Let the Admins/Mods know first so we can whitelist it.
  • Post in the correct part of the forum and post the same question once. No cross posting.
  • Lay off the CAPS, no need to shout and no text speak. Irritates me and other users that can’t understand it. We speak English here “fam” :tonguewink:.
  • Use complete words, not initials, so everybody can understand the conversation
  • Do NOT slander anyone here on the forum. If you have an issue with another member you contact the Admin first. Under no circumstances are you permitted to post info on other members on the open forum. This will result in a ban, no chances.
  • Do not request, post or link to warez, NZB, torrents, cline test servers, keygens and serials nor sites that have these links stored in their database.
  • Any racist, bigotry or discrimination in thread or posts will not be tolerated AT ALL. You will be banned.
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Infractions Rules.

Here is how infractions work from here on due to members ignoring a few rules we have, especially members posting thanks rather than using the post thanks system we have here.

It may sound harsh but look at it another way, who wants to visit a forum where every other post is thanks, cheers, nice one etc, no more post warnings will be given, infractions will be given out and your post will be deleted.

Adult Content - Permanent Ban, You're done here.
Spammed Advertisement will be given 9 Points and lasts for - Permanent
Signature Rule Violation will be given 1 Point and lasts for - 31 Days
Posting Thanks will be given 1 Point and lasts for - 31 Days
Posting Crap To Gain Post Count will be given 2 points and lasts for 31 Days

All Usergroups will be banned if they accumulate 3 Points = 7 Days ban
All Usergroups will be banned if they accumulate 6 Points = 31 days
All Usergroups will be banned if they accumulate 9 Points = Permanent

This will be done automatically, if a Moderator gives you an infraction it will be stored in our database, if you get another it will be added to your previous infraction, if you go over the threshold listed you will be banned for the said period.

If you receive an infraction think of it as a warning, it's not the end of the world but more of a reminder to stick to the forum rules, after you receive the infraction DO NOT start sending pm's (private messages) to the Moderator asking why, they only give them out if you have broken the rules.

Any abuse sent to the Moderators will lead to a permanent ban regardless of your usergroup. They are here to help, not to get earache from members that can not follow our simple rules.

Again, thank you for reading these infraction rules.
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