Four Murders During Night Of Random Violence


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A teenager has been stabbed to death by a machete-wielding attacker during a night of random violence that left four people dead in New York City.


One of the killings took place in Manhattan

Mohamed Jalloh, 18, was stabbed and slashed several times during an argument in the Bronx at around 1.30am.

Relatives said they thought the killing was a case of mistaken identity.

Police said they have no motive for the brutal attack.

The assault was one of four killings in the US state that happened in less than three hours.

While Mr Jalloh was attacked, police in Brooklyn responded to a shooting where they found Teofilo Garcia, 31, with a fatal wound to his torso.

Around 15 minutes later, 23-year-old David Moore was shot dead in Manhattan.

Police are also investigating the murder of 33-year-old Tamer Brown, who was shot several times in the Bronx, just before 4am on the same morning.

There have been no arrests made in connection with the killings.

As crime in New York City has been steadily rising in the past few months, the NYPD has been involved in a series of high-profile meetings.

The plans discussed included the launch of new task forces and the transfer of anti-terror police to high-crime areas.