Free IPTV apps?


Hi all.

I'm a bit of a novice to this IPTV malarky so please excuse my below questions.

I've been looking at a couple of free live TV IPTV apps, LiveNetTV and RedBoxTV. All seems to work fine as far as I can see.

Here's the questions:

(1) What I'm wondering is how can they afford to provide that service for free?

(2) Why would I pay for an IPTV service - what is better for the $150 per year that (for example) *****streams charge?

(3) Are there any other free live TV apps that I could play with?

Regards to everyone



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Please do not mention any server names in your posts !
Free iptv services normally rely on ads for revenue and can be a pain in the backside.
Probably the best and most reliable for live tv is the Mobdro app.


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Free apps are all well and good, but try them at peak time, watching a Premier League game on one or a PPV boxing match and you will soon see how bad they are.


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Free ones are full of ads so you may aswell find a provider who provides apps for their streams and just pay for a month at a time mate by time you've done with free iptv and apps you could be sat watching paid iptv and not have the hassle of looking for working streams


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Don't bother with free Iptv apps as they are terrible.They may work for a while but they won't last for long. As Benijofar said,Mobdro is probably the best or get yourself an Iptv subscription as it is much better and it wont cost as much as you think. If free Iptv was that good we would all be using it.


Actually the only thing I need it for is watching the MotoGP on BTSport..... It seemed OK yesterday when I was watching the tennis and cricket tbh. I'm not interested in football at all and I'm using other apps for movies/tv series etc.

I have actually just bought a LG TV with WebOS - I gather you can watch IPTV on that?

Is there a thread anywhere on this board with people's ratings of providers or is that not allowed?