FREE SS IPTV APP - For Samsung and LG Smart TVs - Idiots Guide.


How to set up SS IPTV for Samsung smart tvs. (also available for LG smart tvs).

This app allows you to stream your sat box to another smart tv in your house


First install the app. Press your smart button

Instructions below may vary depending on your smart tv version, but the process is the same.

Scroll across to "Featured" and press OK
Press OK again to open samsung apps.

First delete all the unnecessary default apps that are taking up precious space.
Scroll to one of "my apps" and long press the ok button. Select " Delete Multiple" and delete all the crap you are never ever going to use.
Now navigate to the bottom and select categories. In categories select video.

deletemenu.jpg categories.jpg

Find SS IPTV app.


Press ok, download it, open it.
On country select page, navigate to top right and skip the country selection. Country select is not needed.

M3U creation

Now we need to create your m3u channel list via openwebif.

First find your boxes ip address.
Type your boxes ip address into a computer browser address bar to open openwebif


Select the bouquet which you wish to create an m3u file for. Whether the "All Channels" bouquet or individually bouquets. I recommend individual bouquets as its easier to navigate around in SS IPTV app.
Click the blue tv screen top left of the bouquet to save m3u file.


Open this location and rename your stream.m3u file to a more appropriate name. i.e sports.m3u
As an extra step I now open this up in VLC player and delete the channels I don't want and re-order the remaining channels into a more prefered structured order.


In VLC click Media...Save Playlist to file... and save your new structured m3u.


Now you just need to upload this m3u file to an external source. Whether your own web domain, a free web domain, a free file storing server that doesn't require a log in. etc.

For this example I am just using my dropbox public folder.

Upload your m3u and take a note of its link address.

** edit - free dropbox accounts don't have a public folder since 2012. Use something like pastebin instead. see later posts in this thread **

Note: You don't have to be to concerned about publically available file storage as the urls in the m3u are only relevant to your network.


Open SS IPTV if you haven't already got it open.
You will be presented with a screen like this.


Select the settings cog top right.
Ignore all general settings, they are only relevant if using as an interface.
Navigate to Content Menu on the left and open it.

In the playlist box at the top of the screen, scroll through the options until you get the "external playlists" option.

Click "Add" bottom left of screen.

Select the new playlist and edit the name you wish for it to be called (i.e sports) and edit in your file sharing address.
(The right angle return arrow is the ok button. Don't click the button arrow, that's exit.)


* * * Important * * *
Click Save top right.
If you don't click save, you will be typing it all out again. doh/


Your homepage should now have your new m3u link on it as shown below.


Clicking on this sport folder should now open all your channels in this m3u list. If it doesn't there is either an error in your external link you typed in the previous steps, there is no free tuner, or your host address isn't likiing being linked to.
In my example clicking on the sport folder will bring up my sports channels like below.


Repeat the above steps to add as many indiviudual bouquets as you want. Or just be lazy and download all channels as one.


Note there is no epg with this, some picons are missing, but its a quick, no frills way of setting up your streams to be viewed on a samsung or lg smart tv in another room. No wires needed.

Primarily this is just for simple streaming your own satellite box feeds, but the above process will work with any m3u files you obtain. (although most of the ones you find on the net now are test examples and will only play for a few seconds)

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Also on one of my TVs I was just able to stick an m3u file onto a usb stick and plug that in my tv. The external address being usb://sports.m3u
Didn't work at all on my more modern samsung tv though.

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Sorry I forgot to mention. By default this will open the Audio description NAR channel by default. The one with the annoying voice over. When your stream starts just go to settings and switch to the other audio.
I have even tried using the m3u hack for choosing which audio stream to play by default, but doesn't seem to work on this app. Switching the audio takes 2 seconds and becomes second nature after a few goes.
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Have you tried your extetnal m3u link in vlc player. If it works in that, it should work in ssiptv.
i think i know whats wrong you got m3u creation when you say box ip address what do you mean

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ok i see what i done wrong
Hi mate Ive tried to install this but finding difficulty in getting it to work. When I creat link in dropbox mine start like which I placed in source but when I go back to click in the folder that I created it says error. Tried several times still same result.
when adding files to dropbox to the right you should see share click on that and create a link. kiddac do you have to change the link to download the file or just leave it as it is to open the page?
still can't get mine to work on vlc or my Samsung tv the channels come up but won't play tried dropbox and google drive
If using dropbox you have to use the public folder. Then you right click the file and the top option should say something like share public link

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The Public Folder lets you easily share single files in your Dropbox. Any file you put in this folder gets its own Internet link so that you can share it with others-- even non-Dropbox users! These links work even if your computer’s turned off.

Step 1: Drop a file into the Public folder.

Step 2: Right-click/control-click this file, then choose Dropbox > Copy Public Link. This copies the Internet link to your file so that you can paste it somewhere else.

That's it! You can now share this file with others: just paste the link into e-mails, instant message conversations, blogs, etc.!
Ill have a play later kiddac. You still didn't answer my question do you need to change the Dropbox link to download it ie change 0 to 1 or leave it as it is.

Ill also try using a webserver if that works ill try to give instructions for setting it up

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As a test. You can open openwebif, download a bouquet m3u, and open it on your computer with vlc. If it streams you should be fine. If not you might need to change an authentication setting on your box. I will post where that lives in a min

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Dsayer see my dropbox url link in the instructions. That is what mine looks like. That is the link it gave me. I never editted anything. There is no dl=0 or 1 etc.
Yes i know how to setup m3u streams i was referring to the Dropbox link as in the one in your guide automatically downloads but when creating a Dropbox link it takes you to the Dropbox site and you need to choose download.

So I want to know if we need to change the link to download or does the app know to download it

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Authentication needs to be set to no in openwebif plugin settings. On openatv there is also an override to this in customise menu. Change setup mode to expert and set required authentication for http streams to no.

Dsayer you are not reading what i am putting. On a pc, and loading dropbox in a browser window. You should have a public folder in your dropbox account. You upload to public folder. Right click your file. The top option copy public link gives a bog standard filename ending in m3u. It is not a link that opens dropbox to then click and download

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I have just tried it with the shorten link option to. that also works.
It looks like it isn't on my tv f series ill have to nstall it via the development option ill have another look tomorrow or after I've watched a film

For anyone else that doesn't have it showing have a look here to install it
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Note: Dropbox accounts created after October 4, 2012 will not have a Public folder.
At the moment, only Pro and Business users can enable Public folders