From Openbox V8S to Cable/IPTV


Hi new on here as haven't needed any help with setup before. As S*y will encrypt their boxes soon I am looking to go down the cable or IPTV Route. What is the best Cable boxes on a low budget? I am a student so don't wanna waste money. What are the approx. prices of a Yearly Cable N Line? and is Cable a better option then IPTV? I know IPTV to be extremely unreliable from experience. Many Thanks

P.S- I do have VM Fibre already.


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From reading your post id personally go cable than iptv alot more reliable boxes to look at on a low budget personally I'd suggest a amiko mini or zgemma h2h both can be bought for under £90
I used an openbox v8 for a while then switched to IPTV so i could get HD channels and the ability to record.

Currently i have a subscription to iviewHD which is great and works well. I have however noticed over the last couple of months that ISP's are starting to throttle traffic when there are live events on (F1/football/boxing) so there are lots of complaints about it at the moment.

I am personally on VM 200mb and haven't noticed the throttling myself but i can see lots of people complaining on the facebook support group whilst using other UK ISP's.

I am looking to move over to a VM box soon so i can get true HD channels (iview is good but the pic quality inst quite proper HD, you can tell its a HD stream if that makes sense) and the ability to record.

If you do end up going down the IPTV route then i would highly recommend an amazon fire tv (not the stick) as its very fast with a good pic quality along with a sub to IviewHD which will cost around £90 for a year.

TOP TIP, if you can hang on, they go on sale every so often so i picked mine up for £55 ;-)

Good luck :-)