Front USB recording


Hi all

New to this so apologies to the more experienced users hatsoff

I believe I must have a USB/HDD inserted to keep my EPG info, etc. and for recording/pause/rewind, etc.

But read, if I remove this, it will be wiped once returned to the box.

My question is, can I insert another USB to the front slot and record to that and take that any to use on another device (tablet,etc0 understanding any data on this will be wiped if I re-insert to the box???


TK Veteran
Yes, you can set your box to record to that external hard drive. If you have your box connected to your network though, you can access its contents without unplugging it (I do).
I use Dream EPG Premium on my Android devices to stream live/recorded programs. You can also use it to view the EPG, timers etc

On a PC you can use the openwebif on your browser, or using an ftp program like WinSCP, to copy the recordings onto your PC for viewing any time.


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You don't need any third party ftp program on your linux receiver - all you need to do is enable Samba in the network menu on your receiver and your zgemma will show in network devices on your pc. This will allow you to access the root menu and your recordings.


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Why don't you just enter the I.p address of your zgemma into your browser on whichever device your using and hopefully you'll see all your recordings. That's if openwebif is enabled. You can stream over your WiFi or download to your tablet etc.