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FSF is mobilizing against Windows 7 upgrades


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FSF is mobilizing against Windows 7 upgrades

Posted: 27 Aug 2009 03:17 AM PDT

FSF is mobilizing against Windows 7 upgrades

It has been reported that the Free Software Foundation (FSF) are launching a campaign against Windows 7, to persuade as many IT makers from installing Microsoft’s upcoming operating system.

According to TheRegister, the FSF group have sent 499 letters so far to the top Fortune 500 organizations, telling them if they choose to install Windows 7, they will be increasing their dependance on Microsoft.

Instead, they have encouraged the IT makers to favor other alternatives, such as GNU and Linux. At the moment, the company are seeking donations, so that they can continue with the batch of letters. A $25 donation will fund a further 50 letters and $100 can supply around 200 letters.

Full details can be found in the link above. Do you agree with this petition? Give us your thoughts below.