Gears of War director passing on The Rock due to 'Doom connection'


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by Griffin McElroy { 9 hours ago }

As you may have heard, yesterday's Gearsiverse panel at San Diego Comic Con was light on news regarding the film adaptation of Epic's Gears of War franchise, save for one small detail -- it wouldn't feature Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in any capacity. Director Len Wiseman forthrightly explained why, and in the process, likely hurt the wrestler-turned-actor's (so, basically actor-turned-actor's) feelings -- he told the crowd that "a Doom connection would not be smart for us."

We highly doubt that most people immediately associate Mr. Johnson's body of work with that first-person romp/cinematic nightmare -- regardless, Wiseman said he's "looking for an actor for the role and then [I'll] put him into shape." Why waste all that time and effort? Dwayne Johnson is already the only human being on Earth that actually looks like one of the space marines featured in Epic's blockbuster franchise. Scar his face up a bit and you're good to go, man.

From - Joystiq [Xbox]