Gillette Deny Doctoring Henry Advert


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SOCCER cheat Thierry Henry's sponsors have denied doctoring an embarrassing image which showed him holding a ball in his HAND.

The disgraced French soccer ace is pictured clinging on to a football on Gillette's UK and international versions of its Champions website.
But on the FRENCH version of the site the ball has vanished and Henry's left hand is in his pocket.

The disappearance of the ball could be seen as an attempt to save Henry further embarrassment after his scandalous lack of sportsmanship last week.
His double handball helped him set up France's goal which sent them to next year's World Cup at the expense of the Republic of Ireland.

But Gillette last night denied changing Henry's picture in the wake of the scandal — which has seen the ex-Arsenal star branded a cheat across the globe.
And insisted Henry, 32, was NOT pictured with the ball in his hand on the French website before last Wednesday's crucial World Cup play-off match.
The shaving firm's spokesman James Nunn said: "We have spoken to the French Gillette team and they are not aware of any recent changes that have been made to their website."

Gillette also sponsor Roger Federer and Tiger Woods who appear alongside Henry on the company's website.
Federer is shown holding a tennis racket on all versions of the web advert while American Tiger Woods has a golf club.

Thousands of furious Irish fans could boycott Gillette — which is believed to pay the footballer around £5million a year for his endorsement of its men's grooming products.
Hundreds are reported to have already complained to Gillette's owner Procter & Gamble.
They called for him to be ditched as he was "no longer an appropriate role model".
But last week Gillette said it would not be ending its relationship with Barcelona striker Henry.
The firm said: "This is not going to affect our relationship with Thierry Henry."
Henry handled the ball before setting up France's goal that dumped Ireland out of next summer's World Cup finals in South Africa — and Fifa ruled out a replay.

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