Google Caffeine: New search engine


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Google Caffeine: New search engine

Posted: 12 Aug 2009 12:31 AM PDT

Google Caffeine: New search engine

Microsoft recently moved from its Live Search over to their bigger and better Bing search engine and it was only a matter of time before Google reacted. Google have announced that they are working on Caffeine, which will be their new search engine.

Google have said that this is the next generation of its search engine and will be more efficient, this is because it will use real-world traffic. According to Betanews, testers are now being invited to sample this new search engine, Google are not saying what the differences with the new engine is just yet, that will be down to the testers to find out.

Betanews were lucky enough to test Google Caffeine and were able to compare it to Google’s current search engine. They noticed that for most of their searches, no matter how simple or complex the top three non-paid search results were the same as the current search engine.

When you start to look at results from No. 4 or No.6, then they would sometimes change. Caffeine would normally show the same results as the current search engine, although they were in a different order.

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